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News from NAG1

News from NAG1


“We have found a cost-effective and innovative way of drastically reducing traffic noise pollution and hereby also the extensive health effects caused by this.

According to studies noisy traffic results directly in lethal diseases for millions of people all over the world.

Premature death, high blood pressure and increase in cardiovascular diseases are some of the health effects induced by traffic noise pollution. 

Studies also show that 1.0 – 1.6 million healthy life years are lost every year from traffic related noise in the western European countries, including

the EU Member States. Besides the loss of lives the expenses related to hospitalization and treatment of noise pollution related illnesses are massive.

There is an acute need of a solution to this very serious problem of increased traffic induced deaths and illnesses around the globe.


Today’s solution to this noise pollution is often to either try to limit the traffic or to use noise reducing asphalt. Both solutions are quite expensive and

also political. NAG 1 ApS has developed a unique noise absorbing guard rail (NAG), which absorbs the noise at the wayside,

-at the source. The design is patent granted in Denmark and US, and is patent pending in Europe and China. The recognized consultancy company Delta

has conducted test and measurements on our design and the results show that the noise from road traffic will be attenuated by 1-4 dB.

This corresponds to halving the traffic on a road, or the use of noise reducing asphalt (which is more than 500% more expensive), or doubling the

distance between roads and houses.”